Trucking Made New

Well-kept Dillon cab

Well-kept Dillon cab

The modern world of national freight and logistics is about more than country songs and mud-flaps, (of course, those things still help…).  Truckers and companies like Dillon Transport are part of a cutting edge Energy Revival in the United States and around the world.  That’s an exciting place to be!

What is so innovative about transportation these days?  How is it relevant to you and me?  Great questions that I asked myself when I first came to work with Dillon.  Here is what I’ve learned.

1.  Having only one place to get fuel creates really high prices, and too much control for one industry.

2. America has other great options for fuel, but it takes a lot of resources to access those fuel options.

3.  Liquified Natural Gas – LNG for short – is one of the cleanest burning options for fuel in America.   LNG can be used to power all kinds of companies and engines, including Dillon’s trucks, and these ships: LNG -Powered Container Ships

4.  Truckers who transport fuel of any kind need to be specially certified, and are excellent drivers.  Not just any guy with a license for this precious cargo!

Trucks are still #1 means of transporting goods in USA

Trucks are still #1 means of transporting goods in USA

Hopefully, that starts your wheels turning as you think about the trucking industry.  At Dillon, we are thankful for all our hard-working drivers who deliver the fuel that keeps American running.   Happy trucking!