Fueling America, One Station at a Time

CNG Fueling Station Opening in Dallas and Tampa

Dillon Dives In


Owner, Entrepreneur, Family Man: Jeff Dillon

“It’s cleaner, it’s cheaper, and it’s American” – three great reasons quoted by Dillon Transport Founder Jeff Dillon in his talk at the Grand Opening festivities.  Jeff brings the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped him to start Dillon 30 years ago, to keep the company on the cutting edge of transportation in America.

Dillon has been working on their natural gas initiative for over 4 years. Now they are starting to get national recognition for the efforts. Natural gas powered engines are, by far, the cleanest  and most cost efficient way to move 18 wheelers. In addition to helping customers efficiency, it is also displacing millions of gallons of diesel fuel. Much of that diesel is imported from countries that are not American allies. Natural gas is all domestic, thus, improving national security, creating US jobs, reducing the trade deficit and improving our air quality. The trucks have comparable performance including range, horsepower and torque, but are much quieter and naturally don’t smell like diesel. “All of us at Dillon Transport are part of this continuing effort as we expand our natural gas powered fleet. We should all take pride in these accomplishments.” ~ Phil Crofts, Dillon Transport

The reason Dillon is sponsoring the Dallas fuel station, along with others around the country is that this makes CNG – clean energy – available to any truck driver who

Grand Opening in Tampa Fl

Grand Opening in Tampa Fl

operates a CNG vehicle.  That includes municipal governments, school districts, and truck owner/operators, giving everyone access to a less costly and cleaner burning option to gas.  Dillon has just opened its second fuel station in Tampa, Florida, and has started working towards a third location sometime next year. There is so much potential in the industry right now, the future looks bright…and clean!